Farm Fresh Eggs

Free Range Chickens

Our chickens are free ranged, which means they spend a majority of their time roaming our farm.  Our chickens are only locked in their coop at night so that predators do not get them.

Affordable and Convenient

Our eggs are available 24/7 in The Egg Shack located at 107 US Route 150 in Oakwood for $2 a dozen.

We are located on the south side of the road just west of Casey's. There are two brick pillars with the name Clem at the end of the long drive. 

Once here pull up to the Egg Shack on your right side of the driveway. Open the door then turn the light on in the upper left corner and open the refrigerator. Leave money in the lock box on the inside of the door. No change can be made so bring exact amount. Turn off light and close door. Use the loop right after the flag pole to go back down the driveway. 

Duck Eggs

Farm Fresh Duck Eggs

Pick up our farm fresh duck eggs at The Egg Shack for $1 / 4 eggs.

Duck Egg Nutrition

  • They have a higher (good!) fat content
  • Ducks eggs are higher in protein than chicken eggs
  • They also have a little bit more cholesterol than chicken eggs (again, this is a good thing!)
  • They also contain more vitamins and minerals - such as iron, B12, folate and vitamin A
  • They are full of Omega-3 fatty acids

Quail Eggs

Farm Fresh Quail Eggs

Pick up our farm fresh quail eggs at The Eggs Shack for $3 per dozen.