Farm Fresh Eggs

Free Range Chickens

Our chickens are free ranged, which means they spend a majority of their time roaming our farm.  Our chickens are only locked in their coop at night so that predators do not get them.

Affordable and Convenient

Our eggs are available 24/7 in The Egg Shack located at 941 CR 2600 E in Homer for $2 a dozen.  Pull into the driveway and The Egg Shack is under the windmill.  Payment can be put in the money box on the inside of the door.  Please note The Egg Shack is located at our parent's home next door to our home.

Quail Eggs

Farm Fresh Quail Eggs

Pick up our farm fresh quail eggs for $3 per dozen.  Because these are a specialty product contact us by calling or texting and letting us know how many dozen you need and when you plan to pick them up so that we can hold enough for you.