Freezer Pork


From Our Farm to Your Plate

Our pigs are raised in Homer, Illinois on our family farm.  Our freezer pork is processed locally at a family owned, USDA inspected facility in Homer, Illinois.

Our pigs are never given hormones and you receive antibiotic free pork.



Our freezer pork is incredibly affordable.  For only $600 you can receive a whole hog, which includes the butcher's fee. 

An average hanging weight for a whole hog is about 200lbs so you will get about 120lbs of pork.


Custom Cuts

Can't find a specific cut you're after? When you buy a whole or half pig you get to specify exactly how you'd like your pork cut. 

Chops - about 30% of yield weight

Rib chop, loin chop, shoulder steak, tenderloin

Roasts - about 15% of yield weight

Ham, loin, shoulder (Boston butt)

Other - about 20% of yield weight

Bacon, ribs

Ground pork / Sausage - about 35% of yield weight

You will also have the option of having organ meat; heart, liver, head, shanks and lard.