Meet Your Beef

From Our Farm to Your Plate

Meet Your Beef offers an innovative experience that not only allows you to choose the beef you serve your family but to also interact with the cow your family chooses while it is being raised.

How It Works - 6 Easy Steps

  1. Contact us to schedule a time to come by and meet our cows.
  2. Come to our farm for a tour and Meet Your Beef.  
  3. Choose the cow you would like to purchase.
  4. We take your cow to the butcher when it is about 1000 lbs.
  5. The butcher ages your beef for 10 days to allow for flavor and tenderization.
  6. You pick up your beef from the butcher.

Why Choose Meet Your Beef

  • Family owned and operated farm
  • Conveniently located
  • No hormones given 
  • Antibiotic free beef
  • Interact with your beef
  • Cheaper than store bought beef
  • A unique experience in buying superior beef