How Our Pricing Works

Our pricing is dependent upon current market values for beef. We charge fair market price per pound then we charge a butchering fee.

The optimal weight to butcher is between 900 to 1200 lbs "on the hoof" (which means the weight of the entire cow as it stands). 

The butchering fee is 70¢ per pound of hanging weight (which means the weight after the cow has been butchered and is hanging). Hanging weight is about 60% of "on the hoof" weight. 

Lets run through an example if the "on the hoof" is 1000 lbs, and the current market is $1.20 per pound.

1000 lbs x $1.20 = $1200 for the cow

Butcher’s fee of 600 lbs hanging weight x 70¢ = $420

$1200 + $420 = $1620 for 400 lbs of beef. 

That breaks down to $4.05 per pound of beef with about 60% being steaks and roasts and 40% being ground beef.

The average retail price per pound of sirloin steak in 2016 was $8.56.  That is a savings of $4.51 per pound of sirloin steak!

For half of the beef the cost is one half of the cost of the whole beef, likewise for a quarter.

Click here to see current average retail pricing for beef.

Invite Family and Friends to Share the Experience

We understand that not every family wants 400 pounds of freezer beef so if you fall into that category there are two options.  

The first option is to ask your family and friends if they are interested in buying half or even a fourth of the beef and including them in the process of having them come visit the cow with you.  

The second option is that if we have another family who only wants part of the beef then we try to match those families up to split the beef in half or fourths but this option is not guaranteed.